About WinnersBet

All bets are accepted on behalf of Da He, licensed Bookmaker of Racing Victoria (Licence Bl2002171), trading as WinnersBet

Da He is a member of the Victorian Bookmakers Association which is an association that guarantees payment of all winning bets placed with their members.

TAKE NOTICE that the Victorian Bookmakers’ Association guarantee pursuant to S94A of the Racing Act 1958 (Vic) is limited to defaults by a registered bookmaker in the payment of wagers AND DOES NOT EXTEND TO any claims against the registered bookmaker in respect of wagering deposits held by the registered bookmaker.  Click here for additional information: https://www.vicbookmakers.com.au/guarantees/

All Internet wagers can be scrutinized by Racing Victoria

WinnersBet supports and complies with the VBA Responsible Gambling Code of Conduct. WinnersBet cares strongly about its public reputation and does not permit persons under the age of 18 to hold an account. If your children has access to the computer you are using to log into Winnersbet Internet service, we encourage you to install a child protection software package. (eg. Cyber Patrol)